Article layout is to a large extent standardized on Domotaurant Wiki. Sections and their headings should largely be consistent across broadly similar categories of articles. In addition, all articles should have lead sections that summarize the subject of an article, unless otherwise stated, and the applicable infobox template if one exists.

In general, these sections should appear in this order if they are needed in an article:

  • History is always used for the background history of the article's subject. It should be any heading as long as it is available. On event articles, it is the background that led to the actual event. Never name such sections anything else other than "History".
  • Trivia sections are permitted; they must always use this title to make this clear.


For foods, the following headings should be used in order if needed:

  • History
  • Recipe
  • Ingredients
  • Gallery (if needed)
  • Trivia (if needed)

We highly recommend you to not follow this layout if you can't think of anything for each section.


For drinks we highly recommend you to add the history and photo only.

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