Domo Mental Burger 1

Domo Mental Burger

Domo mental burger is a special and unique type of burger formed by normal burger ingredients and a mental Domo taken from the mental instituation. 


A Domo mental burger was first formed in the 1990s. Back there, a lot of Domos were sent to the mental insituations; and a lot of people joked about them. One of the crazy Domos crazily thought of creating a burger restaurant like McDonalds; and later on cooked some burgers which drove some popularity around. Later, an error occured when the Domo was kidnapped by a guy. The guy cut him into pieces and cooked a burger; and put his head on a burger. He sold it to a few people; they've tasted it and thought it was delicious.

After a few years, the Domo Mental Burger became a big hit until now. It can be found at usual restaurants now.


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